Business Consulting

DatAnalysis‘ extensive experience and collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, investment companies and educational institutions in statistical data analysis and business consultancy guarantees credibility and clarity in the results of your research.

Indicative services:

Database development

Identifying research goals

Research planning

Targeting and estimation of sample

Sampling methods

Data collection

Encoding a questionnaire

Questionnaire Construction

Defining Statistical Method

Pilot Research

Examining correlations

Estimation of distributions

Model manufacturing

Factor analysis

Statistics Platform

The Statistics platform gives you the opportunity to understand the concepts, methodologies, and results found in each research question.

In particular, we provide questionnaire design services, statistical survey, correlation testing and modeling, taking into account the requirements and objectives of the project we have undertaken. By using the appropriate data collection method, we proceed to statistical analysis, drawing the appropriate conclusions that are presented to you in a clear and comprehensible way.

Thanks to continuous communication with the customer, it is easy to monitor, update and make decisions at any aspect of the analysis process. Your opinion is always taken into account and comments made in each decision are incorporated.

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