Statistical comparisons were performed between hypertensive and normotensive subjects in terms of baseline characteristics. Dichotomous variables were compared with the chi-square test and continuous variables with the unpaired t test. All values are given as mean with their corresponding 95% confidence interval (CI). The variation in dependent variable between the 2 subgroups according to baseline characteristics was tested by ANOVA. The co variate adjusted mean values were computed and are presented with their corresponding 95% CI. Simple and multiple linear regression analyses were performed to assess which factors are associated independently with the dependent variable in the combined group of hypertensives and normotensives. Baseline characteristics were selected as independent variables. The dependent variable data were entered as continuous values in the model. In the initial simple regression analysis, a threshold of P<0.1 was used to identify candidate variables for inclusion in the final model . The multiple regression analyses were performed using the backward procedure and repeated using a forward-selection procedure. Statistical significance was achieved with a 2-tailed value of P<0.05. Finally, the significant independent variables selected by the multiple regression models were ranked according to the absolute value of their standardized effect, quantified by the standardized regression coefficient. All covariates included in the final models were tested for interactions with each other.


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