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DatAnalysis undertakes and processes for you academic online surveys and online marketing research using the Research platform, a modern data collection and processing platform. Starting with research planning, we are proceeding to come up with useful conclusions.

Academic Online Research

We provide online academic studies services through a modern data collection and analysis platform. More specifically, we aim to collect real-time data and then proceed to their full analysis.

Every methodological research is clearly more effective when combined with a powerful research tool. We undertake the construction of questionnaires as well as their processing and drawing conclusions.


Online Marketing Research

Market research is a valuable tool for capturing the image of reality. An effective market research can fully identify the target group you are targeting to create more dynamic marketing campaigns. By conducting marketing research, you will be able to maintain the loyalty of your existing clientele and further expand it.

DatAnalysis offers a variety of communication channels to collect data from your customers, and then, using sophisticated analysis tools, we help you focus on data you care about in order to achieve your goals.

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